Monday, October 25, 2010

freedom costs a buck o five

sitting in airport. not fun. my nose is a little numb because it got punched. the sun is in my face and i don't like it.

i was thinking about a conversation that i had with my friend nick. we were talking about freedom and how it isn't a possibility. it started because of the phrase freedom isn't free.

freedom doesn't really exist in our society today and on a deeper level, may not exist at all. there are a lot of theories on freedom because there are a lot of different aspects to which it can be applied. pretty much anything you can think of has some sort of limitation that would prohibit complete freedom.

upon further research, it seems that getting to the basics of an argument about freedom involves the question of fate or non-fate. i don't know if i agree completely, but i'm not a freedom scholar.

i agree with nick that osama bin laden is probably the only person in the world who is the closest to freedom. also, he lives in a cave. we think.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

joey nevada

welp. it looks like i am probably losing my job in the next few days. haha! i was worried for a little while when it first started looking like this was going to happen. now i don't really give an f which is weird for me. things have a way of working out.

since i won't have income for the time being, i'm doing the smart thing and flying to las vegas to party with one of my favorite bands, horse the band. they invited me to celebrate the end of their tour. normally, i wouldn't be able to make it to las vegas but i didn't want to regret missing a fun trip. if one of your favorite bands asks you to party, you make it happen. so i bought a 500 dollar package with money i don't have.

i'm staying at the golden nugget in downtown las vegas. they have the hand of faith and i am going to look at it. it is the largest piece of gold in the world that has been found. some guy found it with a metal detector.

maybe i should be a treasure hunter. i didn't go to college for it though.

i've been really lethargic lately. it sucks.