Saturday, November 6, 2010


i want to have a house that looks like the house that is next to my house.


Monday, October 25, 2010

freedom costs a buck o five

sitting in airport. not fun. my nose is a little numb because it got punched. the sun is in my face and i don't like it.

i was thinking about a conversation that i had with my friend nick. we were talking about freedom and how it isn't a possibility. it started because of the phrase freedom isn't free.

freedom doesn't really exist in our society today and on a deeper level, may not exist at all. there are a lot of theories on freedom because there are a lot of different aspects to which it can be applied. pretty much anything you can think of has some sort of limitation that would prohibit complete freedom.

upon further research, it seems that getting to the basics of an argument about freedom involves the question of fate or non-fate. i don't know if i agree completely, but i'm not a freedom scholar.

i agree with nick that osama bin laden is probably the only person in the world who is the closest to freedom. also, he lives in a cave. we think.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

joey nevada

welp. it looks like i am probably losing my job in the next few days. haha! i was worried for a little while when it first started looking like this was going to happen. now i don't really give an f which is weird for me. things have a way of working out.

since i won't have income for the time being, i'm doing the smart thing and flying to las vegas to party with one of my favorite bands, horse the band. they invited me to celebrate the end of their tour. normally, i wouldn't be able to make it to las vegas but i didn't want to regret missing a fun trip. if one of your favorite bands asks you to party, you make it happen. so i bought a 500 dollar package with money i don't have.

i'm staying at the golden nugget in downtown las vegas. they have the hand of faith and i am going to look at it. it is the largest piece of gold in the world that has been found. some guy found it with a metal detector.

maybe i should be a treasure hunter. i didn't go to college for it though.

i've been really lethargic lately. it sucks.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


haha. last night i had a dream and in it i made up a phrase. sorry if you hate hearing about dreams. i usually dislike it, but maybe that is a weird preference of mine. if you don't like it, you have the freedom to not read this.

it went like this. i was at home and my car was parked across the street. it was all blackened and messed up on one of the fenders and i found evidence of home made explosives near it. i went to ask a neighbor what had happened and before he answered me, i saw two kids lighting a pipe bomb near my car and they ran into their house before it exploded. i went to their door and told them to knock it off. also their house was on fire so i told them that they should tell their mom. their mom came out and i told her that her house was on fire. it had reduced it's intensity, so she couldn't see it as easily as i did before. she didn't believe me and told me that she felt like i was trying to rent her a cupcake. i had no idea what this meant but told her i was just trying to help her out.

renting someone a cupcake? i think that it means that you are trying to make someone look dumb. i thought about it after i woke up and i came to the conclusion that people don't usually hold one cupcake for very long. probably because it is a small portion and it is hard to look cool holding one. (this parallels a theory i have on jello shots). now if someone rented you a cupcake for like 3 minutes and you had to give it back, you would look like a real dummy.

isn't it strange how the subconscious works? i used the phrase today.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


currently, i am watching a show about about penguins on opb. their society is pretty awesome. listening to alt punk and watching it makes for an awesome music video. penguins have to deal with a lot of s. a lot of animals want to eat their little bodies. penguins are good at jumping though, so i'm sure that helps a lot.

some penguins were migrating and the injured ones just kept on walking. if they didn't, they would die. this led me to think that some could probably argue that modernized medicine is hindering our species' evolution. in nature (which i don't believe we live in) if you are injured and can't move on, your a is left behind and you wait to die. people have a really strong desire to live and are willing to live in poverty if it means they get to live longer.

if you think about the times you could have died without modern medicine it's weird. i would have died in high school from blood poisoning. it would have been a sunday evening. i guess my death would have been due to a life mistake i made and everyone smarter than me would have rejoiced.

however, modern medicine does help us battle bacterial infection and diseases that would suck to have. dying of dysentery would not be awesome.

Monday, July 19, 2010


today i got a check for 8,042 dollars from the united states treasury. that was cool. i paid off my credit card and am putting the rest in savings.

i also am working on a song in 7/4 time and am pretty proud of how it sounds. for now.

i think that growing old sucks. it seems like the whole process is a mask for what's really happening. you are systematically surrendering your youth to bills and nine to fives and responsibilities defined by your society. when i lived in la, (glendora more specifically, but everyone in that area considers their home la) i worked in hollywood and really got a good idea of what people with money do. i'm not talking a few extra thousand dollars here either. people who will never have to do a legitimate day's work again for the rest of their life. people with that much money just try to live like children. it's too late though. it's like bashing your head into concrete that has hardened and won't let you through.

i seem to be missing humility more these days. people get too serious. what is there to prove. really.

there is a secret flower in my backyard.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


we caught a possum. not on purpose. the goal was to catch a raccoon, but they don't like tiny marshmallows i guess. i saw it curled up in our live trap this morning. the people who put the trap out usually kill these guys, so i had some decisions to make today. i didn't want to tell the company because it might be illegal for me to release it, but if i let it go, i don't want it to get into my attic like the raccoon did. i gave him some peanut butter and toast before going to work.

this dilemma really made me wonder about the decisions that people may make about us while we are unaware. could someone be deciding my fate? the answer is absolutely not, but it is still fun to think about sometimes. the point is, i let him out when i got home from work. i gave him an apology raspberry which he wanted nothing to do with.

there he is!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i hate 3d. i think it is very dumb and unnecessary. i thought this when it started becoming cool again, but started thinking about it more when i went to the store and saw a display set up for 3d bubbles. seriously. you wear glasses and blow bubbles. then the bubbles look 3d. are bubbles not already 3d?

and what is the deal with calling something 3d? it isn't another dimension, it's an illusion (michael). i think we should forget about 3d and move into 4 or 5d. let's get hallucinogenic with it. all forms of entertainment should be spatial acid trips filled with exhilarating highs and crushing lows. it's not a show unless someone is vomiting next to you. when your friend is crying and making out with their shoe, mission accomplished.

it reminds me of a story i read about a guy who described a trip on dmt. he was naked and in a bubble surrounded by giant praying mantis'. he knew that they all wanted to r him and eat him afterward and knew that they could get in his bubble. they didn't go in his bubble as they seemed to enjoy his anxiety and fear more than r-ing him. beat that, the devil. that's real fear.

or we could keep movies the same. these are the important issues i'm talking about here. there aren't real problems in the world outside of 3d entertainment.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


oh wow, i haven't written anything in a long time. a lot has happened. if you know me and read this, you probably know that i finally bought a house. i said i would do it. it's a pretty cool house. it's under a bridge! there is a park two doors down from me that is full of puppies usually. ben and lanny and i went walking around the beach area down there. we found bolt cutters! i thought they would be cool to have so i just took them. maybe i prevented a crime in taking them. i probably did.

we walked around and found some hobo camps. ben got a little scared, but we did look pretty tough. we were all wearing black, drinking beer, and i was hoisting bolt cutters on my shoulder. there really isn't a better way to look like a group of degenerates. i told ben that i would protect him should hobos attack.

i'm going to buy a freaking laptop. i now have reasons to be mobile and i can work on music at bars now. i know it's kind of pretentious, but at least i won't be at a coffee shop or anything. i hate coffee. if you want to avoid seeing me at your workplace, work at a coffee shop. or a clothing store for babies. when i have a child they will wear pelts.

should i move to arizona? i kind of think i shouldn't, but i hear i could get paid a lot more money. i think the reason why is because it's arizona. i hate the heat, but i also hear that flagstaff is kind of cool and air conditioning is everywhere. air conditioning makes me feel guilty, but i don't have many options as i am a body that operates at a high temperature.

oh i also bought a gun. it's a shotgun. it's how i am preparing for end times. no big deal. gun culture is hilarious. i don't belong there.

does cocorosie make anyone else feel like a pervert? the singer sounds hot, but also really young. dangerously young. also the lyrics can be effed up.

talk to you later.

Friday, February 19, 2010

b house

there are no good versions of my favorite song of theirs, lover of mine. here is zebra i guess.

one hundred posts! is that good?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

riot juices

welp. i'm drunk. and it is tuesday night. i was bored and figured that i would punch social stigmas in the face and drink by myself at home. i'm actually good at it and it is kind of fun. my fingers feel a little numb, so i hope i don't misspell things. you know what is weird? cross-gender communication. i said it. i get women telling me all the time that men are jerks. they are usually geo-specific and say that guys in portland are a-h's. (i realize i have used "-" a lot). however, i feel that some self reflection may be needed. any girl that allows a guy to be a jerk and still sleep with them is just asking for it. why should a guy change when he is getting what he wants? self respect is important ladies. enjoy the chase and feel your potential companion out. not physically. know that men know what to say.

there you go the three girls that read this. take my drunken advice. it is obviously a good idea.

what am i doing?