Friday, February 19, 2010

b house

there are no good versions of my favorite song of theirs, lover of mine. here is zebra i guess.

one hundred posts! is that good?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

riot juices

welp. i'm drunk. and it is tuesday night. i was bored and figured that i would punch social stigmas in the face and drink by myself at home. i'm actually good at it and it is kind of fun. my fingers feel a little numb, so i hope i don't misspell things. you know what is weird? cross-gender communication. i said it. i get women telling me all the time that men are jerks. they are usually geo-specific and say that guys in portland are a-h's. (i realize i have used "-" a lot). however, i feel that some self reflection may be needed. any girl that allows a guy to be a jerk and still sleep with them is just asking for it. why should a guy change when he is getting what he wants? self respect is important ladies. enjoy the chase and feel your potential companion out. not physically. know that men know what to say.

there you go the three girls that read this. take my drunken advice. it is obviously a good idea.

what am i doing?