Saturday, July 18, 2009


i know, i've been neglecting you. i have been very busy. although sometimes it doesn't seem like it. this last month i was offered six jobs, maintaining the one i have now, working on music, undergoing the process of buying land, planning a vacation, and still trying to maintain a social life.

i've been gaining weight, which i'm tired of, but i'm also getting a bike soon, so that should slim me up a little. i have also really been into lemonade all of the sudden. it is a good summer drink. recently, i have been listening to bloc party. it is a pretty portland thing to do, but i think intimacy is a great album. sorry.

my vacation should be fun. i get to see our new dog for the first time ever, but we have had her since christmas. i was told that my mom would hold up a bell and the puppy would run up to it, touch it with her nose, and run away from the sound. i hope she still does that, because it is a fun game that i would like to play. we could take turns. we are going to my home town and then going to la. we are going to wrap up the trip by going to horse the band's cd release show. i am very excited about that since i haven't seen or heard those guys in like 2 years. i am buying gifts for the occasion.

last night i was drinking lemonade and vodka. it was fun. i took the bus so that i could drink. is it a rule if you're homeless that you have to sag your pants until everyone can see your butt? this seems to be popular. is it really hard to find a belt-like substitute? rope is a plentiful commodity. i'm sure there is rope in garbage cans and dumpsters. people throw it out all the time. newspapers that are received every day come wrapped in rope. i'm sure ross dress for less has thrown out useful belts. come on hobos. anyways, after drinking too much, i ended up on 82nd avenue. it is a dangerous avenue and full of uncertainty. i really wanted hostess donettes and bought some at 7-11. while walking down 82nd, i offered everyone donettes, because i was in a sharing mood. also, it helps to act crazy because no one will f with you. nobody wanted my donettes. not even gangsters. but everyone was nice.

a few days ago, i took one of my kids out for a visit. while in the car, he just showed me like 14 of the hairs from his head. he said "look, it's my hair." not surprised, i asked him why and he said "did you know you could just pull out your own hair?" i told him that i did, in fact, know that you could just pull out your own hair. he asked if he kept pulling large amounts of his hair, if his head would bleed. i told him that that was a strong possibility. he insisted on pulling one more single hair out. so in case you didn't know, you can just pull out your own hair. be careful with this new found freedom though.