Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


haha. last night i had a dream and in it i made up a phrase. sorry if you hate hearing about dreams. i usually dislike it, but maybe that is a weird preference of mine. if you don't like it, you have the freedom to not read this.

it went like this. i was at home and my car was parked across the street. it was all blackened and messed up on one of the fenders and i found evidence of home made explosives near it. i went to ask a neighbor what had happened and before he answered me, i saw two kids lighting a pipe bomb near my car and they ran into their house before it exploded. i went to their door and told them to knock it off. also their house was on fire so i told them that they should tell their mom. their mom came out and i told her that her house was on fire. it had reduced it's intensity, so she couldn't see it as easily as i did before. she didn't believe me and told me that she felt like i was trying to rent her a cupcake. i had no idea what this meant but told her i was just trying to help her out.

renting someone a cupcake? i think that it means that you are trying to make someone look dumb. i thought about it after i woke up and i came to the conclusion that people don't usually hold one cupcake for very long. probably because it is a small portion and it is hard to look cool holding one. (this parallels a theory i have on jello shots). now if someone rented you a cupcake for like 3 minutes and you had to give it back, you would look like a real dummy.

isn't it strange how the subconscious works? i used the phrase today.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


currently, i am watching a show about about penguins on opb. their society is pretty awesome. listening to alt punk and watching it makes for an awesome music video. penguins have to deal with a lot of s. a lot of animals want to eat their little bodies. penguins are good at jumping though, so i'm sure that helps a lot.

some penguins were migrating and the injured ones just kept on walking. if they didn't, they would die. this led me to think that some could probably argue that modernized medicine is hindering our species' evolution. in nature (which i don't believe we live in) if you are injured and can't move on, your a is left behind and you wait to die. people have a really strong desire to live and are willing to live in poverty if it means they get to live longer.

if you think about the times you could have died without modern medicine it's weird. i would have died in high school from blood poisoning. it would have been a sunday evening. i guess my death would have been due to a life mistake i made and everyone smarter than me would have rejoiced.

however, modern medicine does help us battle bacterial infection and diseases that would suck to have. dying of dysentery would not be awesome.