Monday, July 19, 2010


today i got a check for 8,042 dollars from the united states treasury. that was cool. i paid off my credit card and am putting the rest in savings.

i also am working on a song in 7/4 time and am pretty proud of how it sounds. for now.

i think that growing old sucks. it seems like the whole process is a mask for what's really happening. you are systematically surrendering your youth to bills and nine to fives and responsibilities defined by your society. when i lived in la, (glendora more specifically, but everyone in that area considers their home la) i worked in hollywood and really got a good idea of what people with money do. i'm not talking a few extra thousand dollars here either. people who will never have to do a legitimate day's work again for the rest of their life. people with that much money just try to live like children. it's too late though. it's like bashing your head into concrete that has hardened and won't let you through.

i seem to be missing humility more these days. people get too serious. what is there to prove. really.

there is a secret flower in my backyard.