Thursday, December 24, 2009

white christmas

another christmas alone. i got a rice cooker! it's a kojirushi. that will make life easier because life is so hard isn't it? i am thinking about getting into archery. also, starting a one man band. not like those poor people. well actually, like those poor people, but i'll still have a job and won't live on the streets. i haven't been very inspired lately, but there is really no excuse to not compose entire songs by myself. i think it will be harder to find excuses once i own a house and can check that process off my list.

i am going out tonight to drink cheap alcohol. i am going to catch santa claus tonight if everything goes as planned.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

too much ice creams

who the f invented ice cream socials? i drank a heroic amount of vodka last night and woke up with this question in my head. for some reason, ice cream socials made me really angry this morning. i don't know why it made me angry. it seems like an ice cream social would be an enjoyable experience for all involved.

do ice cream socials exist? i don't think i made it up. i would be so proud if i did. brb, i'm going to rip the lid off of this.....................................wikipedia says: "Ice cream socials are a traditional gathering dating back to the 18th century in America. They were frequently organised by churches, fashioned after the "ice cream gardens" that were common in society at the time."

what is this now? ice cream gardens? why is this happening to me.

"...different flavors of ice cream arise from the ground with waffle cone stems. butterscotch fountains and pillars of chocolate are at the epicenter of these forgotten grounds. from the epicenter spiral graham cracker footsteps surrounded by m&m pebbles." i got that from the bible. revelations probably.

well, i answered my question and got my daily dose of blasphemy. since i don't have a job now, i am going on a quest for ice cream garden. that place must be el dorado for babies.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

pics or not real

i went to see one of my kids at school for the last time yesterday. it sucked. i always enjoyed seeing that guy. his classmates knew me too because i would work with him in school. he is in a special class and the kids in there are pretty hilarious. i have a lot of good stories, but the last visit provided some good entertainment for me.

the kids were asked to draw a picture about christmas. they had free will to create whatever they wanted as long as it was christmas, or even winter, related. the teacher brought out the pictures they hadn't finished yet and was asking whose picture belonged to who.

here are some of the pictures that didn't follow directions. one of the pictures looked like two tree stumps about ten feet apart and one of them had a few bananas in proximity. another had a stick figure that looked like it was kicking. above it's head, it said "dog". one kid just drew two bazookas. there was one that looked like a pig that was on fire. my favorite one was a traced picture of charlie brown just standing in the bottom right corner and the word "dictionary" written all broken up across the top.

i'm going to miss those little ones.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

doin it real big

i'm sorry that i left you without a dope beat to step to. i have been struggling to get things done. normally i make s happen, but i have been running into some obstacles that take longer to overcome. i think that this is a good sign though because nothing worth having comes easy. so i guess that's my excuse for neglecting this.

i got a new job. it should be fun. i was offered the job and then two days later i got in big trouble at my current job. i told everyone that i was putting my two weeks in and everyone thought i was super mad at them. it was unintentionally metal.

you know what is weird? the american music industry. it is the only one i have kind of experienced up close so i don't know if others are better or worse. i assume some countries' markets may not be able to encourage arts as much as others. i think about it because i went to a show last weekend of one of my favorite bands. i was talking to the guitarist and he was informing me about the headlining band on the tour. i confessed that i don't listen to any of the other bands on the bill. he said that they were pretty big for a while and sold out the house of blues. apparently they had made it to the top and kind of fell off pretty hard. they used to have a sweet bus and were probably treated pretty well by their label. but since they fell, a lot of that was taken away.

i guess real musicians in the biz know that labels treat bands as investments and not much else. i think doing that is dumb. it seems like if you lose your marketability, you're done. that's if you ever started and made a lot of monies on the reg.

our market should reward creativity instead of popularity. i figure that the way things work right now reflect basic economics, but it would be cool to flip the script so that music can progress and inspire more humans. this way bands that deserve to be around can fly instead of driving twelve hours to a show and stay at a nice hotel instead of my floor. i appreciate the diy aspect that some bands take, but how many do it because they enjoy it and how many do it out of necessity? i guess those options aren't mutually exclusive either.

there are always people wanting a cut. would you feel proud taking money from a band who is struggling to stay afloat by taking a percentage of the money that they earned selling merch at your venue? i would feel like a failure who didn't earn that money legitimately. and that is one of the few examples that i have seen of people taking money that they didn't really earn. such a strange world.

here is something that amused me when it happened. (something along these lines)

matt: "hey bryan, can i ask a favor of you?" (holding out a bottle of gold bond tingling sensation lotion)
me: "i'm going to say no now because i don't like where this is going."
erik: "if you put that on a cat's balls it won't stop meowing."
ed: "didn't you put that on your balls once?"
erik: "yeah. i didn't meow though. i just sat there."

this reminded me of something i saw. i think it was on metalocalypse. someone was saying how they didn't think that cats had b's. this kind of paralleled my view on it because i think male cats are just weird. i mean, it's obvious that cats would need b's to procreate. (i just now realized that i am ninety percent sure that this was from metalocalypse). however, they must be almost non-existent due to the size of cats and lack of what i consider to be a manly attitude. i wonder how much testosterone male cats get? it is probably less than normal male creatures.

maybe they get a lot! like how steroids shrink your b's and tend to reverse things for the more feminine. yep, i'm still on the subject of cat b's. you thought i would end a while ago, huh? "how did this go from talking about getting a new job and the strange world of the music industry to cat tenders?" is probably what you are thinking. if you weren't then, you are now. well i caught you! i am still thinking about it because i don't like cats a lot and it is important to know your enemy.

i'll try to write more. that's if anyone still reads this.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i see pee!

i just realized the last like week that i am very happy to have good friends. nothing terrible happened that brought us all together or anything. i was just thinking about it when i was hanging out with some friends at a bar. in under two years, i have made a lot of friends here and they are all great in their own ways. and they're all brand new friends because i started with a clean slate when i moved up here. i pride myself on being pulled towards good people. i think a lot of people say that until they fight with a friend and end up hating them and not talking to them anymore. i know that something like that wouldn't happen with any of my friends.

one of my kids the other day kept telling me what he would do if he had the power to fly, control lightning, and was invincible. he said that he would end the war. when asked how, he said that he would kill anyone who wouldn't stop fighting. i told him that you can't just do that, powers or not. i described to him the story of dr. manhattan of the watchmen graphic novel. for those who don't know, he's the giant blue naked guy who glows. he can control matter and is used to win wars, but humanity feels uneasy about his unlimited power. humanity ends up hating him and he goes to live on mars all by himself. ultimately, the moral revolves around responsibility, the illusion of power, and free will. at least that's what i think. i hope i didn't crush this little guy's view on superheros. oops!

oh yeah, i think a lot of my friends know about the outrageous fact that i went to an insane clown posse show a few weeks ago. it wasn't for fun. my friend was in town and i wanted to see him, but he had to work at the show. he got me on the guest list +1 which was nice. he encouraged me to sell my other spot because it was a sold out show. i have never scalped tickets before and am not the type to just yell. especially when i'm wearing a shirt with a wolf on it around 50 or so idiots dressed like confused clowns outside the venue all hopped up on high fructose corn syrup and nicotine.

some dweeb was asking for tickets for himself and his girlfriend. i said i had one spot to get someone in. my buddy had encouraged me to get in soon, so i asked the kid how much money he had. he said he didn't have any. weird! an icp fan with no money. anyway, some lady gives him five pity dollars and i told him i'd take the five bucks since i have to get in soon. i wish i could have made enough to at least cover my parking, but oh well, it's five dollars that icp isn't getting.

during the show i was so uncomfortable. i didn't actually watch icp because even i have limits, but the fans were all there for the opening acts. i was standing by the bar in the corner far away from most of the action. while there, i saw three people do that wasted-walk-faster-to-get-there-before-you-pass out-move. they all failed and collapsed. something that i am sure they are used to. shortly after the second person collapsed, i felt a tiny bumping near my knee. i looked down to see what it was and it was a girl who had the shortest skirt i had ever seen bending over to tie her shoe. her entire b was hanging out and bumping onto me. startled, i jumped back and thought it would be funny to watch other people's reaction to this girl's b. all the girls were like "oh my god!" and would be shocked. all the guys stared. they had no shame. a few had their mouths open while they did it. i don't know if it was because they were stunned or if it is how they normally breathe.

later, a girl was going to the bathroom and a guy was following her. the security guard wouldn't let the guy in and he seemed to try and negotiate. it was funny because i couldn't hear what they were saying but the girl came back and tried to get the security guard to let him in. just then, a song ended and she kind of yelled "i need to show him my t's!" she didn't say t's though. the (female) security guard said it was ok. they just went around the corner for like a second and then came back out with smiles on.

a lot more crazy s went down, but i can tell you if you ask. i am tired of typing. i have things to do. you might not believe me. here is a picture though. i am not proud. can you believe these people exist? this is as close as i wanted to get to these amazing creatures. the light of my phone might have made them go berserk!

hahaha! update! nicole saw one of her friends with a black backdrop taking pictures of some of the kids at the show. here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


black lady sitting on her lawn: "hey are you guys twins or just both handsome?" (she was adressing me and one of my twelve year old kids who is blonde and taller than me)

me: "haha. we're twins"

black lady sitting on her lawn: "really?! are you serious?"

me: "no. we're not twins."

black lady sitting on her lawn: "well i don't know. you all look alike to me."

me: haha! (awkwardly)

have you ever seen this before?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just so i have more than one entry this month

i am giving serious consideration to buying a house that i viewed last week. it is farther away from things that i would like, but it does have four rooms and a cottage in the back. also, it is on a quarter acre. we will see. how are you? good i hope.

i am single again and it is a little weird. i haven't done it in a while and am getting back into the swing of things. i am still neglecting some things that someone like myself needs to focus on. it is still easy for me to be lazy. that needs to change.

my bike will be here tomorrow and i will be a bikesmith!

i thought of an idea for a music video today. it would be a bunch of those inflatable tubesmen watching a band perform and flailing around . i think that it could look cool slowed down or sped up depending on the structure of the song. plus they have better hair than most people.

now i have to contest a parking ticket that i was wrongfully given. oh hello, what's your name? the law? well you should f yourself. (that is a detailed synopsis of my letter).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i'm pretty much just scraping by when it comes to paying for my life. i am living from paycheck to paycheck and have limited life choices. it's okay though, i'm flipping the script and buying a house. this way, people will pay me to buy land for me. it is funny to me that that is a thing that can happen. everyone should do it. after i find a place, of course.

i have been planning ahead and thinking about home security. i don't think my two future pembroke welsh corgis (scraps and richardson) will be able to defend me from bikers on pcp who will obviously want to steal my land with their harley davidson flags.

i only started thinking about home security a few days ago. strangely, i came home last night and our back door was unlocked. some random lights were on, but everything else was turned off. our dog was acting like he heard things far away and i went into survival mode. i texted my roommate and told her that i will call her in five minutes and if i don't, to call the policemen. i took off my shirt (less to grab), and replaced it with my scariest face. also, i grabbed my biggest knife. nicole gave it to me for my birthday. i took off my jangly keys and hid them so no one could take my car if they got a hold of them. i searched every room and covered every angle. no one was there. silly me! i live for danger sometimes.

recently, i also tried guacamole for the first time. it isn't bad. it's weird, but provides a fresh zing to dishes such as nachos. keepitrealimout!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


i know, i've been neglecting you. i have been very busy. although sometimes it doesn't seem like it. this last month i was offered six jobs, maintaining the one i have now, working on music, undergoing the process of buying land, planning a vacation, and still trying to maintain a social life.

i've been gaining weight, which i'm tired of, but i'm also getting a bike soon, so that should slim me up a little. i have also really been into lemonade all of the sudden. it is a good summer drink. recently, i have been listening to bloc party. it is a pretty portland thing to do, but i think intimacy is a great album. sorry.

my vacation should be fun. i get to see our new dog for the first time ever, but we have had her since christmas. i was told that my mom would hold up a bell and the puppy would run up to it, touch it with her nose, and run away from the sound. i hope she still does that, because it is a fun game that i would like to play. we could take turns. we are going to my home town and then going to la. we are going to wrap up the trip by going to horse the band's cd release show. i am very excited about that since i haven't seen or heard those guys in like 2 years. i am buying gifts for the occasion.

last night i was drinking lemonade and vodka. it was fun. i took the bus so that i could drink. is it a rule if you're homeless that you have to sag your pants until everyone can see your butt? this seems to be popular. is it really hard to find a belt-like substitute? rope is a plentiful commodity. i'm sure there is rope in garbage cans and dumpsters. people throw it out all the time. newspapers that are received every day come wrapped in rope. i'm sure ross dress for less has thrown out useful belts. come on hobos. anyways, after drinking too much, i ended up on 82nd avenue. it is a dangerous avenue and full of uncertainty. i really wanted hostess donettes and bought some at 7-11. while walking down 82nd, i offered everyone donettes, because i was in a sharing mood. also, it helps to act crazy because no one will f with you. nobody wanted my donettes. not even gangsters. but everyone was nice.

a few days ago, i took one of my kids out for a visit. while in the car, he just showed me like 14 of the hairs from his head. he said "look, it's my hair." not surprised, i asked him why and he said "did you know you could just pull out your own hair?" i told him that i did, in fact, know that you could just pull out your own hair. he asked if he kept pulling large amounts of his hair, if his head would bleed. i told him that that was a strong possibility. he insisted on pulling one more single hair out. so in case you didn't know, you can just pull out your own hair. be careful with this new found freedom though.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


picture what is in your stomach right now. isn't that gross?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hey dad

does anyone else here hate the classification of "life partners"?

what is up with pcp? i'm going to research it for fun.

another thing i researched recently was "the vapors". not the band, the fake ailment from the days of old. it is hilarious. it was the reason vibrators were invented. isn't that a weird fact?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i got bees

i went to very north portland yesterday and learned a lot about bees. one of my client's foster dad is a beekeeper, or beesmith. he told me all about his italian bees and what their deal is. he keeps his bees at this commune like place where the shower and toilet just chill in the wide open. if you drive by, you could see naked people who i'm sure are extremely hairy! that's out of line, i just grossed myself out.

the beesman explained to me that male bees basically don't do anything. they are called drones and don't even have butt knives. only the females (or workers) can sting you with their sharp butts. a female one put her sharp butt in my neck while i was just standing still.

while the females and queens are pretty bad a, i think that the males are my favorite because it is their job to get excited. sometimes drones have to find a new place to live. they fly around and search for a new house. when they find one, they return to the group to dance about it. they pretty much have to explain their new possible house through the hilarious art form of bee dancing. whoever dances and gets excited the best, has their place chosen. humans should do this. we could learn a lot from bees. don't get me started on bee dongs though. ouch. oh here is this kid:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


a feathery, beaked jerk did this to our fire fuel...... that is so raven. :/

listen to jose gonzalez.

Friday, April 24, 2009

on the notion of heaven

haha haha hahahahahaaha
haha haha hahahahahahah
haha haha haha haha
hahahahahahahah haha haha
hahahahahahahah hahahahahahah
haha haha haha haha
haha haha haha haha
haha haha haha haha
haha haha haha haha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

doin what i want

my car brakes have been squeaking lately. it's ok though. i fixed the problem by turning my music up.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

i am from china and i'm going to work!

hey i don't have hair now. i drank a lot of whiskey last night and thought it would be a good time to shave my head.

i saw the coolest dude today on my way to breakfast. he was riding a scooter and was like 50 years old. he was chinese or something and was totally holding up traffic going like 12 mph. he really didn't give an f. he was smoking and wasn't wearing a helmet. this guy was just getting his sunday on. i don't know where he was going and i hope he didn't either. he was so care-free and bad a.

i thought that it would be awesome if he was like a head of a hospital or someone who has an "important" job. you know, he works hard, but keeps it casual even harder on sundays.

wrote a brutal intro song for potential live shows in the future. i was going to have another song done, but i got stuck watching the goonies. it is such a great day too. well, music time. xo!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


here is me with long hair. it is going to be gone soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

that's good i guess

hi. so today was pretty productive for me. i learned how to integrate my vst into fl8. i feel very accomplished. you probably don't know why, but now i can make songs all in one place. maybe i'll use audacity though, so two places i guess. either way, my guitar sounds and synth sounds are finally all in one place! i figured out how to do it on my own which is awesome, but i also feel that it is basic knowledge for someone who knows about music editors or has friends who do. but now i'm a friend who does.

all the possibilities open to me have left me overwhelmed and unable to really make music today. hopefully i can pull myself together and really get to work.

in other news, i'm still poor.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


today, tabby and i found out that squirrels like crackers. they like them a lot. you can watch and hear them nibble on them. when they stand up to sense danger i think it is funny. their hands are very small but useful.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

drum bum

ya! we got rock band, rock band 2, and all the instruments yesterday. isn't that a fun way to be financially responsible? what! it's not?


well it is really fun and i'm kind of good at drums. so take that recession. i learned something about drums and you didn't. i'm finding out what it is like to be poor also! i feel much cooler.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i don't see nothin' wrong

i started a new musical venture. maybe it will work! i have been listening to more grind and appreciating it more than i used to. unfortunately, i can't make that music. i would be so sweet to perform live. i wish a black rose burial made more songs.

so those past terrible months have been paying off. huzzah! i figured they'd have to.

Friday, February 27, 2009

chicken egg situation

i got a fortune cookie that told me this: " try a new hat for a change in looks. be creative!"

ok i'll do it!

i did it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i have gone to scamps twice since i last wrote an entry. it is a tiny pet store with not much to offer, but they have some cool little friends there. they had siberian huskies that looked sad and expensive. i like puppies. there were ferrets too, but they are always sleeping. they need to show more initiative. here's a guy who fell asleep in his hammock, but his head fell out! he didn't care.

the mall really is where cool people go. it's everything in one place! i could be eating a sandwich from steak escape, lingerie shopping, and renewing my cell phone plan all in like 3 minutes. sometimes i worry that there might be such a thing as too much efficiency. that's just one of my battles i guess. that, and the stress tests they give there. i can never win. that guy was right. i should probably read that book "dianetics". the name sounds a little too scientific for me, buuuut it had a cool picture of a volcano on the cover. and that's how i choose all my books.

i wonder sometimes what it would be like to live on a ranch. probably cool. i would call mine "carrots and". all the farmers would think that is funny. they are a funny bunch. maybe?

i may have found a guitarist. yes! possibly.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


you had a little rubber heart in your mouth and passed it to mine. it fell out and you were very mad at me.

Monday, February 16, 2009


i was talking to nicole about a funny situation that happened to me a few weeks ago. after i ate chinese food, i was moving on to my fortune cookie. i broke it open and there was no fortune inside. some would consider it an omen as i kind of did at first. nicole reflected, saying "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all". that was the first time in my life that a fortune cookie was right. usually they should say something outlandish like "check your briefcase, there might be gold in that thing" or "don't hold your breath waiting for unconciousness".

i broke my cookie for nothing. it was a divine trick of asian persuasion.

hey i want to spit on that person

i have decided to write a theme album. it will be quite a journey. it was supposed to be a secret, but i ruined it 4 times yesterday. oh well!

how fast do you think a ghost can run? probably not very fast.

ben and i discussed our plans on how to become victorious when singularity rolls around. a hint is that it involves chlorine.

if i could be a puppy, i think i would be a bulldog. having all that extra face cushion would make sleeping awesome! i would put my face against a wall when i slept so that i could hide within the lards. i wouldn't want to grow up ever.

Monday, February 9, 2009

real f'ing cool

so i pinpointed what's wrong with me. it took some reverse engineerings. but basically, i've decided to quit being such a whiny b. nobody likes those. not even moms.

other updates...uhh.. my hair is long. i'm instrumentally finished with my supergrapes song. i don't know if it will have vocals. i'm still sad, but i'm taking control of it. oh! and this neat psa that kernal sent me cheered me up:

that baby knows.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

appealing impalings

i feel like an insignificant speck. sorry if i'm sounding like a downer, but i'm pretty down. i wish i could disappear for a little bit. (i'm just saying a little bit because maybe when i go to sleep a ghost will visit me and make me disappear. just covering all the angles in case i change my mind.) i won't always feel this way, but i just don't want to be here right now. i thought about sticking my leg in front of a bus so that i could just live in the hospital for a little bit. maybe someone would take care of me.


who am i kidding.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

two hand touch

oh no. i got a call from hospital today. remember when that girl bit me and i had to go to the hospital? they called me to say that i owe them like forty dollars and it will go to collections in a week. eee! credit scares me sometimes. i was under the impression that my work took care of that. i guess not. i need good credit.

i forgot to say this earlier. i think one of my favorite new things is watching someone eat food with two hands. no one really does it anymore because we have evolved out of it. i don't do it. so sometimes i make an effort to eat foods with two hands. my favorite thing to see someone eat two handed so far is cookies. it makes you look like a squirrel who is really protective of it's meal.



Thursday, January 29, 2009

i am a man

this month was a very difficult one. i am going to make it though.

when i moved to here a year ago, the only person i knew here told me not to talk to her or contact her ever again. i slept in my car and didn't have a job, a place to live, any idea about where i was, and i also didn't know a single person in the entire city. i was very sad but very determined. i would love anyone who talked to me and wanted to cry all the time. don't worry, i didn't. i haven't cried in like six years and i think that is awesome. i don't know if it is good though.

here i am, a year later and somehow, i still feel the same. almost all of my friends here either don't like me, don't want to hang out, or have better things to do. also, i messed up a lot because i have been drinking. some stuff is my fault, but i don't feel like it all is. i have just been carrying a lot of weight. these days have defined me though.

ugh, ok. enough of that. so i learned how to make a robot voice for my electronic song about supergrapes! i don't really know where to go with it lyrically, but i'm sure i'll figure something out. i don't know how much range i will have with said robot voice. i don't even know if i am going to sing it for that matter! it will sound bad because i am using a usb headset, not even a legit mic. when i finish it, i will probably email it to the supergrapes and call them dummies.

man, i hate a lot of things right now. i have been trying this new thing where when i get really angry or upset, i go to a happy tree in my brain. in the happy tree is a big awesome blue treehouse. it is where karen o and i make out and go to third base in. i don't know what third base is, because everyone has a different base system, but i don't care because karen o and i would be really good at communicating that sort of thing. we would understand eachother and appreciate such heated topics as chaos, love, existentialism, and jackets. she is so cool. and i am cool too according to my grandpa.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh hai

sometimes i think it is interesting to look at websites like you can find cool stuff on there. did you know that there are at least 100 michael jacksons in alabama and arkansas? yeah well you do now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i have decided that being an introvert in preferential to me. i'm sorry that i strayed, nature.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

dik diks

i like that wolfgang shares my passion for random facts. she slapped my brain with knowledge of a new creature today. it is called a dik dik. dik diks live in africa and got their name because they make that sound when startled. they look like they would be good to be friends with but might be skiddish i think. (haha. dik diks backwards is skid kid).

dik diks are soft little vegetarians. they have tiny feet and a weird shaped nasal so that they can get to certain leaves. the males are littler than females, but they have horns that aren't very scary.

an interesting thing about dik diks is that they are completely monogamous. if their girlfriend or boyfriend dies, they stay with them and die too. even if they have babies to take care of. because of this, they are going extinct. i guess survival takes a backseat to romance.

i kind of want one as a pet, but before they find a girlfriend. that way, we could hold hands and it wouldn't be bad. i could carry him around in a little backpack that girls in seventh grade used to wear. also moms like those backpacks. i think that his tiny nose would sense danger and he would tell me dik dik so we could be safe. i would name him jelly and we would be best friends.

long island iced tea the musical

wow. i drank too much the last few nights. i am going to cut back significantly. i have seen the other side of drinking and i don't think we get along. holy s. i just remembered this. i was waiting in line to go to the bathroom and some girl said that she didn't want to use one of them. for some reason i thought this was funny. i laughed and gave her a side hug. thinking back on it, i might have scared her. man i suck.

i was going to delete this today (1/20) because it is a reminder of embarrassing times. but then i realized that i might need that.

Monday, January 12, 2009

too many lunchables..

..that would be a funny thing to hear i think. hey bro. been a while. i have had a few friends visit and have been pretty busy. this week is going to be a blast!

i drank some local absinthe the other night that was surprisingly good. i haven't really been drinking lately, but it's not for lack of trying.

oh! my song! i was just working on it actually. i might have to start over. it is so good that i have decided to save it for later. it started off pretty grapey, but started getting too concentrated and powerful. supergrapes are a force to be reckoned with, but i don't think they would enjoy being portrayed as serious as it sounded. supergrapes are fruits that you would want to be friends and hang out with. but you shouldn't underestimate their power. also their capes would make them more appealing to whoever they choose. it would be like a love cape. haha. gross.

so i'll make another song. everything i make turns serious! ugh.

hey guess what happened. tabby is returning to our program again and i was assigned to work with him one on one. i was told that he is very excited about this. i'm on the fence.

i went to a school today with nathan. he and i were at dq to be funny and saw a large indoor school across the street. we went there and tried to get a tour, but everyone thought we were rapers. i'm sure of it. we talked to some high schoolers and teachers. high schoolers love to talk about themselves. you just need to give them the opportunity. i think it helps if you look pretty cool too. :)... oops! i meant ;(

someone got made fun of.

have you heard of bitchin summer? me neither. apparently it's a band. i met 3/4 of it and they were pretty cool dudes. i guess i'm going to their show on saturday. alright. i have s to do. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxzzzoxoxmxzzxoxm!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

bed bugs

do you ever think that we might be the most inferior animals? i do sometimes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

sponge beat!

my song about/inspired by supergrapes is coming along well. i wrote the main parts in like three minutes. i'm just fixing some stuff and polishing. well, as much as i can polish with my program. it's nothing really fancy, but it is much better than anything the supergrapes have released in at least two years (nothing). the lyrics are going to be the hard part. but cape rhymes with grape so it will probably be fine.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


what the!?!

you teens are in very big trouble. i'm going to write an electro-pop song about super grapes and you will learn that this is serious business.


uuuuu... i am excited that i might be in a miraculin party. miracle berries have made me much more interested in fruits. i am going to find or create super grapes somehow.