Thursday, May 6, 2010


oh wow, i haven't written anything in a long time. a lot has happened. if you know me and read this, you probably know that i finally bought a house. i said i would do it. it's a pretty cool house. it's under a bridge! there is a park two doors down from me that is full of puppies usually. ben and lanny and i went walking around the beach area down there. we found bolt cutters! i thought they would be cool to have so i just took them. maybe i prevented a crime in taking them. i probably did.

we walked around and found some hobo camps. ben got a little scared, but we did look pretty tough. we were all wearing black, drinking beer, and i was hoisting bolt cutters on my shoulder. there really isn't a better way to look like a group of degenerates. i told ben that i would protect him should hobos attack.

i'm going to buy a freaking laptop. i now have reasons to be mobile and i can work on music at bars now. i know it's kind of pretentious, but at least i won't be at a coffee shop or anything. i hate coffee. if you want to avoid seeing me at your workplace, work at a coffee shop. or a clothing store for babies. when i have a child they will wear pelts.

should i move to arizona? i kind of think i shouldn't, but i hear i could get paid a lot more money. i think the reason why is because it's arizona. i hate the heat, but i also hear that flagstaff is kind of cool and air conditioning is everywhere. air conditioning makes me feel guilty, but i don't have many options as i am a body that operates at a high temperature.

oh i also bought a gun. it's a shotgun. it's how i am preparing for end times. no big deal. gun culture is hilarious. i don't belong there.

does cocorosie make anyone else feel like a pervert? the singer sounds hot, but also really young. dangerously young. also the lyrics can be effed up.

talk to you later.