Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i see pee!

i just realized the last like week that i am very happy to have good friends. nothing terrible happened that brought us all together or anything. i was just thinking about it when i was hanging out with some friends at a bar. in under two years, i have made a lot of friends here and they are all great in their own ways. and they're all brand new friends because i started with a clean slate when i moved up here. i pride myself on being pulled towards good people. i think a lot of people say that until they fight with a friend and end up hating them and not talking to them anymore. i know that something like that wouldn't happen with any of my friends.

one of my kids the other day kept telling me what he would do if he had the power to fly, control lightning, and was invincible. he said that he would end the war. when asked how, he said that he would kill anyone who wouldn't stop fighting. i told him that you can't just do that, powers or not. i described to him the story of dr. manhattan of the watchmen graphic novel. for those who don't know, he's the giant blue naked guy who glows. he can control matter and is used to win wars, but humanity feels uneasy about his unlimited power. humanity ends up hating him and he goes to live on mars all by himself. ultimately, the moral revolves around responsibility, the illusion of power, and free will. at least that's what i think. i hope i didn't crush this little guy's view on superheros. oops!

oh yeah, i think a lot of my friends know about the outrageous fact that i went to an insane clown posse show a few weeks ago. it wasn't for fun. my friend was in town and i wanted to see him, but he had to work at the show. he got me on the guest list +1 which was nice. he encouraged me to sell my other spot because it was a sold out show. i have never scalped tickets before and am not the type to just yell. especially when i'm wearing a shirt with a wolf on it around 50 or so idiots dressed like confused clowns outside the venue all hopped up on high fructose corn syrup and nicotine.

some dweeb was asking for tickets for himself and his girlfriend. i said i had one spot to get someone in. my buddy had encouraged me to get in soon, so i asked the kid how much money he had. he said he didn't have any. weird! an icp fan with no money. anyway, some lady gives him five pity dollars and i told him i'd take the five bucks since i have to get in soon. i wish i could have made enough to at least cover my parking, but oh well, it's five dollars that icp isn't getting.

during the show i was so uncomfortable. i didn't actually watch icp because even i have limits, but the fans were all there for the opening acts. i was standing by the bar in the corner far away from most of the action. while there, i saw three people do that wasted-walk-faster-to-get-there-before-you-pass out-move. they all failed and collapsed. something that i am sure they are used to. shortly after the second person collapsed, i felt a tiny bumping near my knee. i looked down to see what it was and it was a girl who had the shortest skirt i had ever seen bending over to tie her shoe. her entire b was hanging out and bumping onto me. startled, i jumped back and thought it would be funny to watch other people's reaction to this girl's b. all the girls were like "oh my god!" and would be shocked. all the guys stared. they had no shame. a few had their mouths open while they did it. i don't know if it was because they were stunned or if it is how they normally breathe.

later, a girl was going to the bathroom and a guy was following her. the security guard wouldn't let the guy in and he seemed to try and negotiate. it was funny because i couldn't hear what they were saying but the girl came back and tried to get the security guard to let him in. just then, a song ended and she kind of yelled "i need to show him my t's!" she didn't say t's though. the (female) security guard said it was ok. they just went around the corner for like a second and then came back out with smiles on.

a lot more crazy s went down, but i can tell you if you ask. i am tired of typing. i have things to do. you might not believe me. here is a picture though. i am not proud. can you believe these people exist? this is as close as i wanted to get to these amazing creatures. the light of my phone might have made them go berserk!

hahaha! update! nicole saw one of her friends with a black backdrop taking pictures of some of the kids at the show. here.