Tuesday, June 22, 2010


we caught a possum. not on purpose. the goal was to catch a raccoon, but they don't like tiny marshmallows i guess. i saw it curled up in our live trap this morning. the people who put the trap out usually kill these guys, so i had some decisions to make today. i didn't want to tell the company because it might be illegal for me to release it, but if i let it go, i don't want it to get into my attic like the raccoon did. i gave him some peanut butter and toast before going to work.

this dilemma really made me wonder about the decisions that people may make about us while we are unaware. could someone be deciding my fate? the answer is absolutely not, but it is still fun to think about sometimes. the point is, i let him out when i got home from work. i gave him an apology raspberry which he wanted nothing to do with.

there he is!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i hate 3d. i think it is very dumb and unnecessary. i thought this when it started becoming cool again, but started thinking about it more when i went to the store and saw a display set up for 3d bubbles. seriously. you wear glasses and blow bubbles. then the bubbles look 3d. are bubbles not already 3d?

and what is the deal with calling something 3d? it isn't another dimension, it's an illusion (michael). i think we should forget about 3d and move into 4 or 5d. let's get hallucinogenic with it. all forms of entertainment should be spatial acid trips filled with exhilarating highs and crushing lows. it's not a show unless someone is vomiting next to you. when your friend is crying and making out with their shoe, mission accomplished.

it reminds me of a story i read about a guy who described a trip on dmt. he was naked and in a bubble surrounded by giant praying mantis'. he knew that they all wanted to r him and eat him afterward and knew that they could get in his bubble. they didn't go in his bubble as they seemed to enjoy his anxiety and fear more than r-ing him. beat that, the devil. that's real fear.

or we could keep movies the same. these are the important issues i'm talking about here. there aren't real problems in the world outside of 3d entertainment.